Frequently asked questions

Looking for more information? Here are some things we are commonly asked
Who are you? How can we trust you?

We are Future Energy Associates, a team of data scientists and engineers with extensive experience in the energy sector, having released products such as Aurai (for wind farm optimisation) as well as Tariffscanner (a data analytics platform that tracks energy tariffs). We are passionate about putting consumers at the heart of tackling climate change and making sure that sector is fair and transparent.Tariff Tribe is our new product and is backed by the UK Government Department for Energy Security and Net Zero and their Non-Domestic Smarter Tariff Comparisons Innovation Programme.

When are you launching?

We are planning to launch our Alpha (1st version of the product) in Summer 2024. We are currently working hard on building the platform. However, you can already sign up on our website to register your interest. We will contact you closer to launch.

How will it work?

Once a SME has requested Tariff Tribe to find them a new tariff, we will group SMEs together. This means combining their energy consumption and risk together and create bargaining power. Energy suppliers will compete through a Dutch auction process to win the bundle. Once the auction is over, Tariff Tribe will transfer the SME details to the winning energy supplier. The energy supplier will confirm details and handle the switch.

What is an energy broker?

Energy Brokers are defined as a Third Party that works with selected suppliers to find and arrange energy deals. They act as the middleman between the customer and the supplier to find better rates, organise renewals and provide advice to customers.

Will I be able to access quotes online and compare tariffs?

We are not an energy tariff comparison website. We create unique tariffs based on an auction process where energy suppliers will bid on the bundle an SME is part of. You will only be able to see the price and rate we offer you when the auction is done. To ensure that we are offering you the best deals we compare our tariff deals with the tariffs available on the market.

Do I need to contact my current energy supplier before or after signing up with Tariff Tribe?

There is no need to contact your current energy supplier. Once the Tariff Tribe process is over and we have found your business a successful rate, your new supplier will handle the switch and contact you when they need further information.

I don’t have a smart meter, why can’t I use Tariff Tribe?

Our bundling process uses the detail of your electricity demand to group you with other small businesses in a way that is more attractive to suppliers when offering you an energy tariff. We are working on ways to bundle you without the detailed data, but right now we can’t.

How do I know if I have a smart meter?

If you have an in home display that generally indicates that you have a smart meter. You can also check the serial number on your electricity meter. If the serial number begins with '19P,' then it indicates a first-generation, also known as SMETS1, smart meter. Conversely, if the serial number starts with '19M,' it signifies a second-generation, or SMETS2, smart meter. This distinction in serial numbers allows for easy identification of the type of smart meter installed in your property.

How much does using Tariff Tribe cost?

It is free! We make our money through being paid a fee by suppliers for each unit of energy you consume. Our fees are as follows:
- For each kWh of electricity, our commission is £0.008 (0.8 p/kWh)
- For each kWh of gas, our commission is £0.003 (0.3 p/kWh)
Under the latest Ofgem regulation, energy suppliers should include this information on your bill.

Where will you launch?

Tariff Tribe will be available in all regions in England, Wales and Scotland. Due to the energy regulations working differently in Northern Ireland, we will not be able to offer Tariff Tribe there at the moment.

Are you an energy supplier?

We are not an energy supplier. We provide SMEs a brand new way to get better energy tariffs for their business. Your new energy supplier will be the supplier that has won the auction for the bundle the SME was a part of.

How is Tariff Tribe different to other energy brokers?

By definition, we are an energy broker, however we are on a mission to revolutionise the market and give consumers better transparency and control over their energy. To do this we use data science to get you the best deal and get suppliers to compete to obtain you as a customer.

Why should I use Tariff Tribe instead of an energy supplier’s website?

Energy suppliers offer a variety of energy tariffs for SMEs that can be interesting for them. Nevertheless, it can often be a time consuming task for a business to compare energy deals across many different energy suppliers. Tariff Tribe aims to alleviate that by having energy suppliers compete against each other to win your business. This means more competitive rates for SMEs.

Which energy suppliers are going to be on the platform?

We are working hard on getting as many energy suppliers on board. If you are an energy supplier and we have not been in contact with you yet and are interested in Tariff Tribe, please reach out to us using the contact form.

How will I know which tariff I got?

You will receive an email and you will be able to log in the platform to check the tariff you have been offered.